We have not heard much about Star Wars Episode IX since there were some early set pic leaks back in late September and early October, but it looks like we might finally have some legit information about the movie from Reddit user u/Xyzsvtabc.

Apparently, u/Xyzsvtabc went to a Disney marketing conference where there were some discussions about Episode IX’s timeline, small plot details, and info on a new character. Take a look:

“They only mentioned that it takes place about a year after TLJ. They talked about the culmination of the movie being a battle between Rey and Kylo. The did show a ton or artwork of planets and characters. The said Kylo has his helmet back and that it has been put back together with some kind of red adhesive. It looked kinda cool with the red lines going through it. They also talked about Rey’s lightsaber and how it’s back and has been reforged. They said the reforge is not shown on screen. There’s a new droid. It’s name is Dio and it’s sort of a sidekick to BB8. It’s little and has sort of a cone shaped head, kind of like a megaphone shape if you can picture it. Beyond that it was just a lot of artwork and toy packaging. They mentioned various new planet terrains but the only one I remember was some kind of Jungle planet.”

So there is acutally a bit more to unpack here than it seems. As Matt and I have discussed many times on the Star Wars Time podcast, there is going to be a pretty substantial time jump between TLJ and Episode IX, and based on what we are seeing here, that time jump is 1 year. While it isn’t as big as we initially speculated, it still does allow time for the Resistance, possibly now called the Rebellion, to muster some troops and regroup after their devastating defeat in TLJ.

A cool new character might be coming our way in the form of a sidekick droid for BB-8 named Dio. If we want to accept the fact that this trilogy is completely moving away from the conventions and long standing characters of the the prequels and original, then that would mean that C-3PO and R2-D2 are on their way out. As sad as this may be for all Star Wars fans, it would make sense, and it would also call for a new duo to take their place. Giving BB-8 a side kick would be a way for the original dynamic duo to pass the torch to the new generation.

The fact that the leak says that the Skywalker family saber will be “reforged” is actually pretty significant. We still have no idea what Rey’s lineage is outside of Kylo calling her a nobody after the throne room battle in TLJ. Many fans were pretty miffed by this story decision, and it has been speculated that JJ Abrams might try to round out her background a little more in Episode IX. While I don’t think it is necessary for Rey to be a Skywalker or a Solo for her character to be important in the galaxy, it would be an easy way to get fans back and round out her story cleanly. Reforging the saber would be symbolic of her learning about and accepting her place in the galaxy, similar to the reforging of Narcil in Lord of the Rings.

Kylo’s helmet was one of those small symbolic pieces of his outfit that was done away with in TLJ. Most fans looked at its destruction as a way for Kylo to move past his facade as a dark force user and fully embrace that he, Ben Solo, has fully converted to the Dark Side. This leak suggests that Kylo’s helmet is back and has been pieced back together. Symbolically it could mean that Kylo is still struggling with his decisions to become Supreme Leader of the First Order, or it could simply mean that JJ Abrams really thinks the helmet looks dope.

The final piece of the leak to hit on is the final showdown between Kylo and Rey being the climax of the film. I think everyone who has seen TFA and TLJ would agree that they saw this coming. After their first battle in the forest and their dance around each other in the throne room, Kylo and Rey need to fight again. It will be interesting to see what the ultimate outcome of this battle is. I am very fond of the idea of Kylo coming back to the light, whether that means him losing and being redeemed by Rey or winning and seeing the error of his ways befor striking the finishing blow on her. There are many different ways this fight can go and even more contexts it can be fought in, so it should be interesting to see how this all plays out.

If you want to read the full thread of leaks, which also includes limited information on other Star Wars properties, you can find it here.

That about wraps it up for the Episode IX leaks. If you have any theories, feel free to share them with us in the comments on this article or via Facebook or Twitter!

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