Now that the Skywalker Saga has been put to bed and managed to piss a few people off, the rumor mills are back up and running for the future of Star Wars movies. Two dropped recently that may shed light into what the next set of films will be about when they hopefully start releasing in 2022.

Project Luminous

The first rumor comes from Ziro, and it concerns Project Luminous. According to their report, the project is a multimedia effort that has been stewing at Lucasfilm for some time, and it’s tales will be set about 400 years before the Skywalker Saga films.

The overarching story across the various platforms will feature tales about a special group of Jedi who go out and explore the Unknown Regions. Apparently these Jedi will each have a special unique Force skill of their own, and they will come across three distinct types of enemies. One of these enemies are said to be an extremely powerful group of Sith entities.

Ziro also reported that while Project Luminous will kick off in 2020, the first true entry will be a video game in 2021. They also reported that its rollout will be very MCU-like, so various bits of media will be released that connects to an overarching plot for them all.

High Republic Era

The next rumor comes from MSW, who claims that this new era that these stories and films will be set in is called the High Republic Era, and that it is a Golden Age of sorts for the galaxy. The Sith are thought to be extinct (Rule of Two in effect), and the Jedi are truly peacekeepers. Apparently, Yoda will be in the mix serving on the Jedi Council, but it’s not known if he will also be involved in the Project Luminous Jedi group mentioned earlier.

MSW also clarified that the films in this Era and those that are a part of Project Luminous may not be a true trilogy, but that they’ll share characters and plot points, so again, think the MCU model.

All of this is very interesting, and definitely would help to get Disney Star Wars away from the sacred Skywalker Saga and the expected film tropes it brings, so I’m not opposed to this method of delivery at all.

UPDATE – Thanks to the new Kylo comic, it appears that the High Republic era is canon!

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