It’s dry out there in the Star Wars news landscape, so today we are talking about the possibility of KOTOR having different ‘play modes’ when it is eventually released.

As a story, KOTOR has always been one of the most revered and loved Star Wars games since it released, but the gameplay has not fared as well over the years. The pause and queue style of combat was fun to play and of the time in 2003, but since then, game engines and combat systems have evolved a lot. Since the game is getting the full remake treatment, it makes sense to have options for an updated combat system.

The most compelling option at the moment is to do something similar to what Square Enix did with Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The game features a new, updated action-oriented combat system that is very different than the classic turn-based system that the game was initially released with, but players can still choose to play in the classic style.

This type of system would be great for KOTOR since there will be plenty of new players enjoying the game for the first time. Locking players into a nearly 20 year old combat system would definitely discourage some users from trying the game out. I, for one, would really enjoy a fresh take on the combat in the game since I have played the original from beginning to end at least 3 times. A polished remake with an outdated combat system would definitely put me off of playing the remake.

Again, this is just a rumor, but this rumor is one that makes sense in the current gaming landscape. Stay tuned to the Star Wars Time Show for all of the most recent news about Star Wars games, movies, and shows!

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