According to TheGamer, EA’s latest hit Star Wars game Jedi Fallen Order will be coming to PS5 this Friday. To be honest, this is a nothing story that just goes to show how little is going on in the Star Wars rumor mill.

Jedi Fallen Order initially released in November 2019 to great critic reviews and also great player reviews, but as for the PS5 angle, the game has always been playable on PS5 if you had previously owned it on PS4. The big difference between the current PS4 version and the upcoming PS5 version will likely be a 60fps update and potentially making the game playable in 4k, but aside from those updates, it is highly unlikely there will be any new content coming with the PS5 version.

If you already own Jedi Fallen Order on PS4 and own a PS5, you will get the PS5 next gen upgrade for free, so you can play through the game again with better frame rates and potentially a higher res version.

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