The leakers have been ancy this week. We have another story from SW Leaks and KRT stating that a Thrawn and Ezra show will be coming soon to Disney+.

The likelihood of a stand alone Ezra/Thrawn show is pretty low, in my opinion, as it would probably cut into the content for the already announced Ahsoka series, and if other rumors are correct, there wouldn’t be anything to cover if Ahsoka uses the world between worlds to simply pull Ezra out of the Chimaera before its jump into hyperspace via the Purgill.

Most assume that the Ezra and Thrawn storyline will be continued through the Ahsoka show since both Ahsoka and Sabine Wren dedicated themselves to finding Ezra after the end of Star Wars Rebels. Unless Ahsoka got bored of looking pretty quickly, it is highly likely that she will still be on that task throughout the show. Also, her brief time in The Mandalorian season 2 showed us that she is still dedicated to that quest.

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