According to We Got This Covered, there may be room for more stories from Solo: A Star Wars Story to be told on Disney’s upcoming Disney+ streaming platform.

Apparently shows are in the works for both Qi’ra and Lando, which would be awesome considering that we will probably never get a sequel to Solo, even though more stories were clearly planned for that franchise. Damn you greedy Bob and releasing that movie way too soon after TLJ!

I mean both of these characters would be perfect for Disney+, because like I mentioned, Qi’ra at least had a ton more story to tell thanks to the revelation at the end of Solo that she’s now Maul’s new number two in charge. And in terms of Lando, that dude has more stories to tell than capes, so I don’t doubt that he’d be a great subject for a TV show.

We Got This Covered also teased that their sources have told them that both Finn and Poe would get Disney+ shows too. I’m not sure if it’d be a team up show, or one for each character, but I’d be down for that project too.

If these turn out to be true, it seems that Lucasfilm and Disney may have pivoted from making standalone movies, and instead will use its new platform to create long form TV shows. As long as we get new stories about the characters we know and love, as well as brand new characters and stories altogether, I’m cool with whatever platform Disney goes with.

Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available.

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