UPDATE – Both Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau wrote Episode 6, which is confirmed in the official fact sheet from Disney+.

According to The Direct, the new God of Star Wars, Dave Filoni, will be credited as the writer of The Book of Boba Fett’s sixth episode. If you factor in that he has directed episodes of The Mandalorian that he has written, then fans should also expect him to be the director of the sixth episode as well.

The reason this matters is Filoni IS the person now who is in charge of Star Wars lore as a whole. While plenty of other artists contribute stories, Dave is the keeper of the lore and how it should be played out over the various properties telling canon-based Star Wars tales at this point. What this means is that he usually knows exactly the type of moments fans have been dying to see, and he also knows how to expertly stitch moments and characters from the past, present, and future together to make the Star Wars lore feel more coherent than ever before.

If this rumor pans out to be true, fans should expect for Episode 6 to be a doozy in terms of content. This could be the episode rumored characters from The Clone Wars or The Bad Batch could show up like Cad Bane or Omega. It could also just be an episode that dives into Boba’s past in the OT and not flashbacks from his days on Tatooine learning from the Tuskens. Either way, if Filoni is the force behind S1E6, it’s guaranteed to be a banger of an episode. We will soon find out this February!

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