Pretty slow week in Star Wars news-verse, so in order to put out more generalizations from the Reddit crowd, there is a new rumor from Jeremy Conrad on Twitter stating that Lucasfilm is interested in an Crimson Dawn series on Disney+ that would feature Maul as the lead as well as the Falleen, the race of aliens that Prince Xizor hails from, which would then lead into the inclusion of the Black Sun organization being included in this series as well.

During last week’s podcast, I mentioned how much I would like a Crimson Dawn series that focused on Maul and the crime syndicates to compliment another series that focuses on Solo and the Smugglers. While these are all still rumors, this dream of mine could come true since the other big rumor out there is about Donald Glover reprising his role as Lando on some Disney+ series. In my opinion, it would be foolish to have a Lando show that does not include Han and Chewie and their exploits leading up to A New Hope.

If these rumors prove to be true, it seems like Disney is ready to hard commit to making Star Wars the primary driver of content for Disney+.

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