Another insane attempt at a leak from the KRT team has stated that there is a show in the works that will feature Bo Katan Kryze as the lead and Cara Dune as the co-lead. I’m not sure why these two would be together or what one of their stories have to do with each other in a pre-Mando season 2 world, though.

Before showing up in The Mandalorian season 2, Cara Dune was a rebel shocktrooper who hunted down Imperial officers post the fall of the empire, and those duties were done, she took an ‘early retirement’ and removed herself from the New Republic armed forces.

As for Bo Katan, we all know that she has been fighting to right the ship on Mandalore for years, and eventually became the true leader of Mandalore in 2 BBY, right before the Battle of Yavin went down. She was given the Darksaber by Sabine Wren and her mantle as leader was approved by multiple Mandalorian families. So while we never see her actually take the seat of power, and while there was still work to be done to restore the throne, she is the one true leader of Mandalore.

As to what this potential show could be about, nobody knows. It makes little to no sense to set this show in a pre-Mandalorian world as the 2 characters were very busy doing their own thing. I don’t think a Rebel Shocktrooper would shirk he duties to the cause to help a random Mandalorian for no reason at all while the war was still going on. If anything, this would have to be set post Mando season 2 and involve a plot line that stems from the events of season 2, given that Kryze is even in the show.

Again, no substantive evidence behind any of this information other than the casting of Katee Sackhoff as Kryze in Mando season 2.

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