This rumor comes via The Illuminerdi, so please break out those grains of salt, but according to their source, Barriss Offee, the disgraced former Jedi Padawan from The Clone Wars, will finally make her return to Star Wars in the live-action Ahsoka series.

While the source may not be a site that has produced home run leaks before, the idea of Barriss showing up in a show featuring Ahsoka Tano and her many adventures not previously detailed on screen makes a ton of sense. The two shared a connected past to the order as they were both Padawans during The Clone Wars, and those familiar with that show know that Offee also went off the deep end and threw Ahsoka under the bus. Her betrayal and the ignorance of the Jedi Masters are ultimately what led to Ahsoka leaving the Order, so Barriss is most definitely a key character when it comes to Ahsoka, plus her fate has been left up in the air since Season 5 of the animated series.

What makes this leak a bit suspect though is the exact working of the details from the source:

According to our sources Star Wars: Ahsoka is looking to cast Barriss Offee. She is listed as a lead character in her 20-30 and they are looking to cast an Asian woman for the role. 

The Illuminerdi

The curious detail is the age range as Barriss was a bit older than Ahsoka, so unless this show is being set in the past, or will feature flashbacks, a 20-30 year old would be a bit too young to play Barriss during The Mandalorian timeline, which supposedly is when the Ahsoka series is set.

If you think about the profile above, Sabine Wren fits it much more so than Barriss, and one would think that she would most definitely be in an Ahsoka series that will surely feature some sort of search for Thrawn and Ezra. I mean they leave the Epilogue of Rebels together to look for Ezra, so a late 20’s to early 30’s Sabine Wren would line up perfectly for the timeline in The Mandalorian.

Either of these characters, if not both, make sense for Ahsoka, but based on the character details, the profile fits Sabine a bit better than Barriss.

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