A big rumor popped up yesterday on social media about an upcoming Star Wars production set to film in 2022, and it wasn’t for any of the recently confirmed productions, so that means it’s not Rogue Squadron, Taika’s film, or Kevin Feige’s.

This led many fans to speculate what film it may be, or which previously teased filmmaker would be working on it, so the Star Wars Internet was abuzz with who could be in charge of this production. Some guessed that it may be Rian Johnson’s movies, while others suggested some of the other names that have been rumored to be attached to a Star Wars movie.

As the story developed, SWNN threw their two cents at it and hinted that the project may be set during the Old Republic era, which is a timeline we have heard that Lucasfilm has been interested in. At one point many thought the GoT duo would be making an Old Republic project, but then they quit, so that talk died down, so to think that Lucasfilm may shoot an Old Republic era film in 2022 isn’t that big of a pipe dream.

According to SWNN, Lucasfilm may be planning to delay the release of Rogue Squadron to 2024, which would open up the planned December 2023 date for another major release. Apparently the Rogue Squadron delay is to perfect the story, and the 2023 date may be filled by this rumored Old Republic project.

While SWNN couldn’t comment on if this project would loop into any existing Old Republic material, Jordan Maison is claiming it will be original, and BSL is backing up the idea that the project is set during the Old Republic timeline.

Where there is this much smoke, there’s definitely going to be some fire in terms of legitimacy of the reports, so I think it’s safe to say that within the next two years we will be watching an Old Republic era film on the big screen.

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