Thanks to a tweet by DelRey, it looks like fans will be getting a new Star Wars novel called RONIN, and it will preface a tale that will be featured in the Star Wars: Visions anthology hitting Disney Plus.

The book is being written by Emma Mieko Candon, and it is not a novelization of the Visions anime show, rather it is a full on standalone story that will setup, or enhance one of the tales that will be included in Visions.

The interesting thing about this book’s title is that while it may be playing on our definition of a Ronin, Ronins have also been defined in the Star Wars universe.

According to Wookiepedia, Ronins in Star Wars are:

In Melitto culture, a ronin was a male warrior who had survived the defeat of his myrmitrix, thus becoming a hiveless outcast. The ronin Sarco Plank ended up working as a bounty hunterjungle guide, and tomb raider on Devaron.[1]


Now who knows if this is the Ronin the book will portray, but Ronins do exist in Star Wars and for the most part are very similar to our own version of a Ronin.

This is Sarco Plank by the way, so again, maybe this is who the books is about, or maybe it’s just a coincidence.

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