This past fall it was reported that Lucasfilm and Disney had to delay production on Rogue Squadron due to Patty Jenkins’ busy shooting schedule, so many fans and insiders expected the film’s 2023 release to be pushed back, or taken by another project.

Although, based on an official Disney release schedule, it appears Rogue is still slotted for its original 2023 release.

While this schedule could change, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Rogue Squadron sticks its 2023 landing. After the initial reports that Patty’s schedule was holding her back, it was reported that she left the Cleopatra project to re-focus her efforts on Rogue Squadron. If that is the case, there technically still could be time to get it shot in 2022 and then have it ready to hit theaters towards the end of 2023.

Only time will tell if this schedule holds up, which looks iffy anyway if you consider Avatar 2 is set for release this year, and there really hasn’t been a single promotion for it to date. If this schedule does hold true though, we are set to get three more Star Wars films by 2027.

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