Late last week we posted a rumor about Rogue Squadron possibly being off the production schedule in 2022, and that another film, possibly one set in the Old Republic, would take its place. Now, thanks to a report from THR, that rumor seems to be a reality, at least in terms of Rogue Squadron’s delayed shoot.

According to THR, the decision to delay Rogue Squadron stems from a scheduling conflict with Patty Jenkins and her other projects, such as Wonder Woman 3 and Cleopatra. Rogue Squadron was penciled in for a December 2023 release, but that seems unlikely now, so if the other rumor rings true, the unannounced and unattached and possibly Old Republic-era set film could take its place.

Others in the media are saying that the delay may be more for the production itself and the movies’ script versus Patty’s schedule, but one can only speculate on the true reason for this delay. It does seem odd that schedules could get bungled up for these high-end productions, but I guess you just don’t know these days with Covid and filmmaking.

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