The Rise of Kylo Ren comic book run has come to an end and achieved its goal of telling the tale of how Ben Solo become Kylo Ren.

As promised, I’ve recapped the cooler additions to Star Wars canon that the issue added, such as who felt Ben’s betrayal through the Force, and what it took to bleed his Kyber crystal, so head on down below to check all of the new Ben Solo lore out.


Spoilers for The Rise of Kylo Ren #4. 

The amazing run of The Rise of Kylo Ren comic series has come to a close, and we now know how Ben Solo became Kylo Ren, but before I get to that moment, which offered up some cool new canon, I wanted to touch on a few other neat revelations about Ben Solo’s fall. 

Up first is the fact that he was reluctant to be a killer until the very end. In fact, he used his mind probe technique for the first time, which he describes as a variant on the Jedi Mind Trick, on someone over letting Ren torture them. And when Ren killed the man anyway, you could feel that Ben took exception, and definitely wasn’t embracing the darkness. 

In fact, even as he battled his former Jedi peers, he still couldn’t kill Tai, even as he was being attacked. He even paused and was listening to Tai’s pleas, but then Ren snapped Tai’s neck, which seems to be the switch that needed flipping to tip Ben Solo towards the Darkside. 

Once he saw this, his rage started to boil, and his light side started to get snuffed out. His shift was so great that Palpatine, Rey, and Leia all simultaneously felt his betrayal to the light through the force. 

Palpatine and Leia knew exactly what was happening, and it clearly affected them much differently, but young Rey did not. She just felt a chill, as she wasn’t tuned to her force powers yet, nor did either of them know about their Dyad connection, but it was clearly in place and working even while Rey had no clue she had a connection to the force. 

Once Ben Solo took out Ren and his former friend Voe, he officially became the leader of the Knights of Ren, but it wasn’t until his epic and sad crystal bleeding ceremony where he becomes Kylo Ren. 

The bleeding was an epic moment fueled by Ben’s rage over his past, family, and friends. He poured so much hate into his old crystal that it cracked while turning red, which is why the beam is all fragmented and chaotic. 

Hence the need for the exhaust ports, which were installed by Ben. In fact, Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is Ben Solo’s lightsaber, albeit with the bled crystal and exhaust ports, so he didn’t build a brand new one when he transitioned to wannabe Vader. 

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