If you were paying attention to Kathleen Kennedy’s interviews during Star Wars Celebration, then this report shouldn’t be a total surprise to you, because she hinted at the possibility of sequel trilogy characters popping up beyond the Skywalker saga.

We Got This Covered is now claiming that they have inside knowledge that Rey will indeed appear in future Star Wars films, but not as the main protagonist. She will be more of a mentor character, or a figurehead, which essentially is placing her in the role that Leia, Han, and Luke held in the current sequel trilogy. John Boyega’s Finn could also return, but his involvement isn’t as concrete as Rey’s at this time.

It’s also not clear which new trilogy she would be a part of. At this time the Game of Thrones duo will be dropping their trilogy first, but since it’s rumored that there’s may be set during the Old Republic era, then it makes sense that Rey and possibly Finn could appear in Rian Johnson’s planned trilogy, which hasn’t even been given release dates yet.

I do personally think that the sequel cast, the new characters that is, will indeed see the light of day again in terms of new live action Star Wars movies, but for now we will just have to wait.

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