If you are planning to a trip to Walt Disney World this year or next year with the specific purpose of jumping in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, you need to get your reservations in for some of the key attractions now.

Advanced reservations for the Droid Depot custom droid building shop, Savi’s Workshop for customer lightsaber builds, and Oga’s Cantina opened up on August 8th and the spots are going fast.

You can book your time slots for Savi’s Workshop and the Droid Depot through the Walt Disney World app by searching the names, and Oga’s Cantina can be done through the Dining reservations section of the app.

If you are planning to go to any of these attractions, it is very important that you book a reservation as soon as possible. Spots are filling up quickly and the walk in lines are expected to be very, very long, if they are available at all.

via Chip and Co

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