For a while, the gear path seemed pretty straight forward for Star Wars: Galaxy of heroes. Get your characters up to Gear level 12, stack them with supercharged mods, and then dominate in your area of choice. Now, that formula is changing.

Capital Games has recently released a new gear tier, Gear 13, and just announced a new piece of the gear equation that will surely give the people at the tippy top of the game a leg up on the competition, Relics.

Relics are unlocked once you get a character to gear level 13 and are signified by an iconic piece of gear that is associated with the characters. For example, Rey’s Relic is the Skywalker family lightsaber. Once unlocked, Relics will be upgraded with scavenged parts of lower level gear that can be traded in to a new vendor on the holotable, the Scavenger.

This little Jawa will take all of your unwanted parts in bulk and trade you for powerful pieces of scavenged gear that can be used to upgrade your relic.

Much like gear, Relics will grant you base state upgrades, in addition to a brand new stat called Mastery. Mastery will grant you bonuses based on the class of your character. For example, Rey is classified as an Agility Tank, so she receives bonuses in Evasion and Health as a part of her Mastery stat.

Your Relics can be upgraded many times over, so don’t plan on maxing them out right off the bat. This release doesn’t have a firm release date yet, but stay tuned to SWT for more news on this new update.

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