The Book of Boba Fett promotional materials keep on releasing today with a new teaser trailer titled, “Ready”. It really doesn’t show off anything brand new from the series, but it did offer up a few new looks of scenes that have been teased in prior trailers.

You can check out the stills below.

The Maroon Goons

The trailer did offer up some new quotes that may be of interest, because they shed a bit more light on the maroon clad gang that we’ve seen in every trailer so far, and how Fennec thinks they should be handled.

Fennec seems to respond to Boba Fett’s line about ruling with respect by rather than fear by reminding him that:

In difficult times fear is a surer bet

Fennec Shand

She also says about the maroon gang:

These are just the first wave, they’re going to war.

Fennec Shans

To which Boba replies:

Then we will be ready

Boba Fett

It does appear that Fennec is the one chasing the Maroon gang early on, and this is probably how she captures one to bring back to Boba. We are assuming that this will then lead to a meeting with the Ithorian, who was last seen in the main trailer from a few weeks back.

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