The Kenobi series leaks are flowing thicker than a river on Mustafar, and today’s update is a banger, but also confirmation of a report we discussed on the show back in July.

You may want to steer clear of this one, so proceed with caution.

There is another…

SWNN is reporting as fact that Princess Leia will indeed be the MacGuffin that gets things going in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, at least in terms of getting Kenobi out of his cave on Tatooine to rejoin the galactic conflict that has been going on since he exiled himself to the Dune Sea. According to their report, a 10-year-old Leia will be held prisoner in a Cantina-esque location. Bail Organa will enlist Obi-Wan to rescue her, and this will essentially kick off his new adventure that will eventually see him battling his former apprentice again in Darth Vader.

As mentioned above, this report leaked out last July, and we speculated in our coverage of it, and on the SWTS, that a young Leia could be the motivating factor to get Kenobi off of Tatooine, and essentially kick off the adventure that he will encounter over the course of the show’s six episodes, so it’s great to learn that this is the case.

MSW added a few more details to the Leia confirmation by reporting that Bail will indeed find Kenobi on Tatooine in his cave and ask for his help in saving a young Leia. According to the report, Obi-Wan will be going to a “Reno if it were in Star Wars planet” on public transportation, just like we saw Din do in The Book of Boba Fett.

The report also confirms that Vivien Lyra Blair will be playing Leia, who is the little girl from Bird Box. Leia is described as being sassy, and that her and Kenobi will have an interesting dynamic together with some back and forth taking place, but this won’t last too deep into the show.

Rescuing Leia is what will ultimately make Kenobi’s life much more complicated, and probably elicit Vader’s interest in hunting him down by the time Episode 3 of the series rolls around.

Inquisitor’s Plan

MSW also reported that the Fifth Brother and Third Sister will be the masterminds behind the Leia capture with the purpose to draw out a big catch like Kenobi from hiding. Apparently they have studied up on the Jedi and know who they were friendly with before Order 66, so they will use Bail Organa’s ties to Kenobi to draw him out as reported above.

Space Reno

I really think one or both of the concept art pieces above is for this Space Reno planet that MSW is talking about, but it’s also the location where Kenobi will run into Kumail Nanjiani’s character. Apparently, his character is a contact of Organa’s and Kenobi’s, and that is who Obi-Wan will link up with on Space Reno to get details on Leia, who is apparently being held in a spice den.

Finally, MSW corrected a report on Tom O’Connell playing a Zabrak Jedi. Apparently he is playing a Zabrak and this character will be in the same spice den that Leia is being held, but he isn’t a Zabrak Jedi. Tom will play a Jedi in the series, but not a horned one apparently.

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