Princess Leia and her original trilogy heroics got an awesome looking stylized remake thanks to the latest Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures shorts. Rather than just retelling an iconic scene from one of the original Star Wars films, this short starts with the prison escape scene from A New Hope, but then it shows quick hits of her other epic moments from Empire and Jedi, before returning to finish the prison escape sequence.

What makes this short so awesome, I mean, outside of the visuals, are the faces the characters make as they watch Leia going HAM and save the day. Luke and Han in particular have some priceless reactions to Leia’s heroics, as both contort their faces in disbelief at her ability to take command in a sticky situation.

I’ve called for this with each new Galaxy of Adventures short, but the animation style and cinematography used in these has to be applied to full on animated remakes of the entire Star Wars saga. I’ve bought the original trilogy more times than I want to admit, but I’d have no problem doing it again for Galaxy of Adventure style remakes of the entire films.

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