Thanks to our partner over at the Exclu Collective, who got some great images from Tokyo Comic Con from Dengeki Hobby Web for newly revealed Star Wars action figures and collectibles.

In particular, we got new shots of additional figures joining the SHFiguarts Mandalorian line in the form of a Trooper, a Scout Trooper with bike, and IG-11. These all join the Mando himself, who we shared earlier this week.

We also got shots of a newly revealed set of the Knights of Ren from SHFiguarts, which makes me really happy because so far we don’t have any 1:12 scale versions.

Finally, we got shots of a few additional Hot Toy collectibles from The Rise of Skywalker. The new figs include Kylo, Sith Jump Trooper and regular Jump Trooper, plus a Snow Trooper.

To see more images and get more details on the figs, head over to Exclu’s main Comic-con page for all the links you need.

Oh, and Exclu also informed us on this awesome Asajj Mythos statue, which you can see below.

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