If there is one person you would expect to understand you undying Star Wars fandom, it would be Pablo Hidalgo. He is the head of the Lucasfilm Story Group and a lifelong Star Wars fan, so it was very surprising to the fan base when Hidalgo made fun of popular Star Wars content Creator Star Wars Theory for crying during the finale of The Mandalorian season 2.

In a since deleted tweet, Hidalgo responded to a post showing Star Wars Theory crying by saying “emotions are not for sharing.”

Hidalgo has since backtracked his comments after briefly locking his account.

This isn’t the first time that Hidalgo has made a mess of his Twitter account. In October 2019, he called some Star Wars fans “shitty” & “assholes”, and even though that is most certainly right, it is not advisable for someone who works for Lucasfilm to say something like that.

Hidalgo voluntarily wiped his account in 2019 after the incident occurred, and now his Twitter bio reads “Retired and having fun.”

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