The original story listed the set photos below as a part of the upcoming Kenobi series, but after some investigation, we now know that these are set photos from the upcoming Andor live action series.

Original Story:

Filming of the upcoming Kenobi series for Disney+ hasn’t quite started yet, but it looks like Lucasfilm is starting to get things ready in the town of Little Marlow in the UK. The Sun UK posted a couple of images that show a large set of Tatooine that is built and basically ready for shooting minus the sand.

You can see plenty of Tattooine’s signature building style all huddled together in what could be the representation of a small city or potentially a small part of a larger spaceport.

Could it be Mos Eisley? Hard to tell from these shots alone, but very well could be. By A New Hope, Obi Wan is very familiar with the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is the Mos Eisley Spaceport, so it is very possible that we could see Obi spend some time there during the series.

Filming is set to being in March 2021, which likely means we won’t see the show on Disney+ until early to mid 2022.

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