And you didn’t think we could do a sports related post on a Star Wars website!

Anyway, the Ohio State Buckeyes beat Washington on 1/1/19 to win the Rose Bowl and send Head Coach Urban Meyer off into retirement with a solid victory. Coach Meyer got a win to go out on, which was fantastic to see, but also bittersweet since it was his last game as the Buckeyes’ Head Coach.

Coach is moving on, and apparently never coaching again, which provided Ryan Day, the Offensive Coordinator, with the opportunity of a lifetime. Day has now taken over for Coach Meyer, making hi the 25th Head Coach in Ohio State football history. It’s a huge task to take on, and he has plenty of Legends to live up to.

In fact, as one Ohio State fan brilliantly pointed out in the GIF below, Day’s ascension to Head Coach of the Buckeyes is very similar to that of Luke Skywalker’s journey in the original Star Wars trilogy. Like Luke, Day was preceded by three amazing OSU coaches, and like Luke’s mentors, Day’s are now looking down on him through the Football Force.

And the Internet has won again! Go Bucks, and may the Force be with you, always.

Featured Image: 11 Warriors/Barfolomew

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