You may have thought that last week’s Triple Force Friday reveal was packed full of more Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker collectibles than you could ever need, but according to some folks at Hasbro and Lucasfilm, we’ve only seen maybe a third of what is planned for TROS.

According to Cinemablend, Hasbro’s Senior Director of Global Marketing, Mike Ballog, told them that his company has only shown off 30%-35% of what they have planned for The Rise of Skywalker, mostly due to spoilers.

He explained:

We have clear conversations about what can come out when, and what needs to stay under wraps. We work around things with that in mind. At least from a Hasbro stand point, [the product on display is] maybe 30-35% of our full line.

Mike Ballog – Cinemablend

That’s a whole lotta figures that are left to be revealed, and all because of spoilers, so I can’t wait to see which other figures from the film are planned for release. I’m assuming there will be some Knights of Ren and possibly Palpatine or Dark Rey. You’d also think that we’d get figs for Poe, Finn, and Zorri, but I’m not sure how those would be considered spoilery. Either way, there are a ton of Hasbro collectibles still to be revealed, which is exciting to think about.

Hasbro isn’t the only line holding back due to spoilers though. Paul Southern, the Senior VP of Licensing at Lucasfilm, mirrored what Hasbro’s Ballog was saying when referring to TROS collectibles in general.

He said:

The key thing here is when we release products a couple months in advance of the film, we are focusing on a very select group. There are products that you’re not seeing, that you won’t see until after the film comes out. Even the characters that we are releasing, we’re not really giving you much narrative for them.

Paul Southern – Cinemblend

Again, not surprising because of the spoiler factor, but I guess somewhat exciting considering that there are still upwards of 70% of the planned TROS collectibles being kept under wraps due to spoilers. If you thought Triple Force Friday was going to be expensive you’re probably right, but it looks like it’s only the beginning of TROS’ assault on your bank account.

Via Cinemablend

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