Darth Vader #13 is now available, and it’s extra special, as it not only continues the study of Vader post The Empire Strikes Back, but it also sheds more light to the War of the Bounty Hunter mini-series with some crossover content.

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Darth Vader #13 is now available and it continues the Dark Lord’s adventures post The Empires Strikes Back, but more importantly it also sheds more light on the War of the Bounty Hunters narrative as it is a crossover issue. 

Things pick up with Vader still raging over the fact that he knows Luke is now a threat to his own position with the Emperor, so knowing how Luke loves his buddies, Vader is in the mix for hunting down Han Solo’s stolen self. 

He makes his intentions clear with Bokku the Hutt, who agrees to help Vader and Ochi by flying them into Hutt space to chase some droid pirates who are also after a Solo lead. 

Vader and Ochi get crash landed by a mysterious slicer en route, and it is also revealed that the droids they’re after are the Droid Crush Pirates of Bestoon, aka, the same metal bozos that Vader waxed with Battle droid replacement parts a few issues back. 

This time though they brought IG-88 with them, but like that matters when it comes to taking on Vader in a duel. 

Well, it did matter for a moment, because it is revealed that IG-88 somehow received the codes for Vader’s suit controls, so he takes over his body like a puppet.

Just as it looks like Vader is going to be bested by a droid, IG-88 gets pretty stupid and reveals that his remote control is what allows him to control Vader, so burnt Anakin takes it from him with the force and reverses his fate. 

Just like that Vader has IG-88 blow his own head off, but before Vader could get the data he needed from it, Bokku’s barge opens fire on the group, but our main dude deflects the blast like a pimp. 

Luckily for this swole slug, Vader decides to not waste him for his mistake as he learns that the droids were after Crimson Dawn, so now even he knows that the CD is making a bid to return and that they have Solo, so like the Rebels last week, Vader is hot on their trail. 

The issue ends with IG-88 returning to Coruscant to quit the contract he took from the same person who gave him the codes for Vader’s armor, and the shuttle he and Ochi were forced to crash because of being sliced. 

It is revealed that this mystery person is none other than Sly Moore, one of Palpatine’s top aides from the Prequels, as well as the Imperial era. 

It appears that Moore along with some other followers have plans to not only take out Vader, but also Palpatine based on Moore’s final line of We Will be more powerful than THEY could ever imagine. 

This is a pretty huge reveal considering that Moore is a top aide of Palpatine, even during this timeline, so it is interesting to learn that someone that high up in his cabal also wanted to end his reign. 

I am most definitely interested to see where this thread goes to find out what secret order Moore may be leading, as well as to ultimately watch how they fail considering we know how things play out with Vader and Palps. 

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