The latest Making Star Wars leak continues to flesh out moments that will more than likely play out over the show’s first two episodes. Again, if you are looking to avoid any and all SPOILERS for Obi-Wan Kenobi, you should pass on the report below.

MSW’s latest leak continues to flesh out events that will happen on Tatooine that will more or less force Obi-Wan off planet. If you need more context make sure to check out the report on what the Inquisitors will be up to early in this series, as well as how Luke Skywalker will be used early on.

Kenobi’s Latest Fail

We learned on those reports that a young Jedi named Nari makes his way to Tatooine in search of Obi-Wan Kenobi. This in turn brings the Inquisitors to the planet, and according to MSW’s latest report, they’re almost toying with him at this point as if he were game that they were hunting. They are hoping he’ll reveal something to them, or they’re hoping he will draw other Jedi out of the woodwork.

Once again, because Nari is on Tatooine, the Inquisitors will be brutalizing the locals to gain information, which Owen witnesses and blames on Obi-Wan, which leads to a bit of a disagreement between the two, and Owen essentially telling Obi-Wan that he’s a bigger danger to Luke than a protector.

New details from MSW reveal that after this encounter, a downtrodden Obi-Wan will be making his way back to his cave when he is approached by Nari. Nari calls out to him using his Jedi name, but Obi keeps telling the young Jedi that he is not Kenobi. In fact, it sounds like we will get to hear Obi-Wan use his “Ben” name when replying to Nari. Nari continues to insist that he knows Obi is indeed THE Kenobi he’s looking for, but Ben doesn’t yield.

Ultimately, MSW reports that Nari expresses to Obi-Wan that the Inquisitors will kill him if he doesn’t get help, so Kenobi eventually breaks his cover and confirms that he is indeed the Jedi master Nari is looking for. But, Obi-Wan only tells Nari to give up his quest and bury his lightsaber in the desert, because the Jedi and war have been lost, so it’s time to hide and survive. Nari eventually leaves dejected.

After this encounter is when Bail Organa will show up to ask Obi-Wan for help in saving Princess Leia, so Kenobi agrees and heads off to the spaceport. MSW is now saying that en route to the spaceport Kenobi sees something in the distance and it happens to be the corpse of Nari, who is seemingly being displayed as a message to Kenobi himself. This event is another major failure for Kenobi, as he has let another young Jedi down, just like he blames himself for Anakin’s fall to the dark side.

The Nari narrative arc is definitely shaping up to be very interesting, and a visual way to show just how much danger Obi-Wan and the twins were truly in during this moment in the timeline. Like we discussed on this week’s SWTS, this Jedi also helps to justify Obi-Wan leaving Tatooine, because his presence is doing more harm than good, so leaving is ultimately better for Luke’s safety than staying put.

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