Yesterday at the New York Toy Fair, Hasbro fully unveiled its latest collectibles from the Star Wars universe, and now most of them are up for pre-order from Entertainment Earth.

Thanks to our friends at the Exclu Collective, we got all the details we needed in the form of glamour shots and release dates, so make sure to check out their NY Toy Fair master page for all of the awesomeness, and not just the Star Wars reveals.

Anyway, 10 new ESB 40th card back figures were revealed, and while some are re-releases, there are a few awesome new figures to collect, as well as others with better face paint and sculpts like Bespin Luke.

We also got glamour shots of the Imperial Probe Droid, which is looking might fine and quite large.

Don’t forget about this massive Black Series snow speeder with Dak Ralter figure!

A new vintage collection Slave 1 was also revealed, and its paint job looks immaculate.

How about the Darth Revan ForceFX blade, which can be purple or red?

All of these items and others can now be pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth. If you make a purchase we may receive a small commission.

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