Geoff Keighley is hyping the opening night of Gamescom on Twitter, which is this Thursday, and one of his tweets promises new Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay being shown off during the event.

It’s not clear if we will be getting a new look at the Campaign, or the game’s multiplayer modes, but we’re definitely getting new Squadrons something this Thursday.

UPDATE – LEGO Star Wars is definitely getting a preview!

One could also speculate that LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga may get some stage time this Thursday too, because the game’s Level Director, Jack Chapman, retweeted another Gamescom tweet from Geoff detailing how many games will be shown off, and how long the opening night event will be.

This game, even more so than Squadrons, needs something to be shown off, so I hope Jack’s RT is indeed a sign that it will get some screen time this Thursday. It feels like this game hasn’t had anything shown off for it in over a year, so let’s collectively cross our little fingers for some new LEGO Star Wars video game goodness in a few days.

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