In early 2020, we learned that Marvel’s Kevin Feige would be joining the team at Lucasfilm to help develop new stories for the Star Wars universe, but nothing really came after that to announce any specific project. Now, we have word from Fandango’s Erik Davis that the writer for this project has been chosen.

While many have not heard of Michael Waldron yet because his 2 Marvel projects haven’t been released yet, he is credited as a producer and writer on Rick and Morty and on Dan Harmon’s DnD adventure, HarmonQuest.

In addition to this, SW leaker Noah Outlaw put out a tweet then deleted it saying that Robert Downey Jr. has been approached by Lucasfilm about potentially appearing in a future Star Wars project. Since the tweet has been deleted, it is likely either not true or was debunked by Outlaw himself. Either way, if RDJ was to appear in a SW project, it would make sense that it would be in conjunction with either Feige or Jon Favreau.


Feige has responded to the leak in subsequent interviews:

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