Thanks to Hasbro’s NYCC panel, we now have some insights into a few new Star Wars Black Series figures that will be releasing before 2019 is out. These include standard retail releases, as well as retailer specific exclusives, so head on down below to get your roadmap in place for new Black Series pre-orders!

Standard Figures Already Up for Pre-order

All of these figures will be available at most of your usual toy retailers, and can now be pre-ordered from either Entertainment Earth, or BBTS. BBTS has a better wave case option, but EE has slightly cheaper and more singles for pre-order. These should all be hitting later this Fall.

You can pre-order these 5 characters from BBTS as a full wave, as well as some as singles, or EE has the full wave with a few other figures and singles to pre-order.

Retailer or Shared Exclusives

These figures will only be at certain retailers, or they’re a shared exclusive. Some already have pre-order listings, which can be found after the gallery. These too should be releasing this Fall.

  • Jedi Luke is a Walmart Exclusive with no pre-order listing yet
  • Force Ghost Yoda will also be a Walmart exclusive, and there is no pre-order listing yet
  • IG-11 is a Best Buy exclusive, and he can be pre-ordered now
  • Fox is a shared exclusive and can be pre-ordered from BBTS
  • Chewie and 3P0 are Amazon exclusives and can be pre-ordered now

Images via Exclu Collective

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