The new footage for The Rise of Skywalker wasn’t the only thing released at Disney’s D23 conference this weekend. There was a pretty awesome drop for the whole world to enjoy, a brand new poster!

This poster perfectly represents what has been happening the whole time in the Skywalker saga timeline. While chaotic things are happening all around, Emperor Palpatine sits above it all pulling the strings and affecting the fate of the galaxy.

Palpatine’s presence in this movie has made the storyline that was set out in TFA and TLJ almost irrelevant as it seems like the Resistance and the First Order will essentially play 2nd fiddle to the emergence of Palpatine as a galactic power once more.

We have a few pieces up already around D23, specifically around The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars final season, the new Obi-Wan Kenobi live action series, and a possible Rey turn to the Dark Side, so make sure to stay tuned to Star Wars Time for all the latest from D23.

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