Today, Vanity Fair dropped all sorts of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker preview bombs on the faces of Star Wars fans across the globe, so I’m here to recap the juicier reveals. I highly recommend checking out all of VF’s coverage, because it’s deep, and a few articles are behind a paywall, so there’s more to learn about characters played by Richard E. Grant (Allegiant General Pryde) and Keri Russel (Zorri Bliss).

Anyway, among the juicier reveals featured in the articles are new images from the Wadi Rum set by Annie Leibovitz, who has shot Star Wars for decades. New planet names are also revealed, in addition to details about Kylo and the Knights of Ren! Oh, there’s also the first shot of Luke, who is with R2 and wearing his TLJ robe set.

A few actors also provided some insights on their characters, with Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley dropping some interesting quotes about their powerful Force sensitive characters, so as I teased, the VF Rise coverage is strong.

Below you will find the key bullet points of information from VF’s coverage, but for the full articles, you should head over to Vanity Fair online or in a store near you.

New Characters

  • Richard E. Grant was revealed as Allegiant General Pryde, and is seen pictured with Hux on Kylo’s Destroyer.
  • We got a great shot of Keri Russel’s Zorri Bliss, who appears will be at the Thieve’s Quarter on Kijimi.

Returning Characters

  • A fresh shot of the Knights of Ren is featured and the article confirms that these are the people Kylo was jacking up in the teaser trailer!
  • Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley provided some insights into the mind’s of Kylo and Rey respectively:
  • Their Force-connection—what Driver calls their “maybe-bond”—will turn out to run even deeper than previously revealed.
  • Driver also revealed the Ben Solo’s upbringing and the pressures of being a Skywalker Solo led to his character’s warped mind and disgust for his famous family. He also said that having no guidance at a young age in this situation is why Ben is who he is now.
  • Ridley als summed up Ben by explaining “I think there’s a part of Rey that’s like, dude, you fucking had it all, you had it all,” Ridley says. “That was always a big question during filming: you had it all and you let it go.”
  • There’s a new shot of Luke with R2, but he isn’t in Force ghost form, probably because it’s and unprocessed shot. He looks concerned, as always.
  • C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels said he does something very unexpected that will shock fans, so RAM-PO anyone?

New Planets

  • The desert planet we’ve seen is called Pasaana and it is home to the Aki-Aki, and it’s on the edge of the known galaxy.
  • The snow dusted planet and home to the Thieve’s Quarters is Kijimi.

Random Findings

  • Most of this final film has been planned from the very beginning

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