MSW has another plot leak for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, and like last week’s report, it focuses on a major character from the Skywalker saga.

You will want to skip out on this one if you’re going for a spoiler-free viewing of Kenobi this May.

Sad Ben

According to MSW, Obi-Wan Kenobi is not in a good place mentally by this time in his life. He has no human connections left, and he has been left to toil away and live under the hot suns of Tatooine as a hermit. While he is a Jedi and forsook attachment, the human-side of him is suffering thanks to what happened with Order 66 and the fall of Skywalker. Apparently, the only thing that keeps him going is his charge to protect the son of Skywalker.

Again, Kenobi is suffering, which leads him to reflect on his past failures and will provide fans with flashbacks between him and Anakin, which we have been predicting ever since Hayden was added to the cast. These moments could be some of the best of the series, especially to Prequel and TCW fans, so I’m excited that they’re seemingly confirmed in this report. Even with his suffering, Kenobi knows it’s all going to be worth it if he succeeds in bringing balance back to the Force through Luke, so he deals as they say.

Little Luke

MSW went on to detail a bit more on how Luke Skywalker will be used in the series, and according to him, it will be sparingly to ensure Luke remains out of the limelight, and a simple farm boy with no real connection to the Galaxy at large. The report mentions that this will not be the case for his secret sister, who will get more screen time, and through her situation on Alderaan, will be more knowledgeable about the galactic conflict. In fact, the only thing she’s apparently not allowed to know is Kenobi’s actual identity, so it seems like he will be disguised a bit when he rescues her from a spice den.

With that being said, MSW had a scene description for young Luke that sounds pretty mundane, but will add to the tension between Owen and Kenobi, which fans heard about in A New Hope from Owen himself.

Apparently, there will be a scene in which Owen, Beru, and little Luke head to a market to either sell their water, or to get away from the farm to let the little guy check out what the market has to offer. While Luke and Beru are checking out the wares, Kenobi will be seen in the shadows watching over Luke. Luke is described as being ultimately safe with the Lars family, even if Owen has already witnessed some of the danger lurking around Tatooine, potentially in search of the hermit Jedi.

During this trip Luke will ask Beru for a toy, but he will be rejected, because the Lars family doesn’t spoil their own, but according to the report, Luke is just happy to be away from the farm, so he goes about his day with his Aunt. While this scene is playing out with Luke, the show will intercut with scenes with Leia in her room that is packed full of treasures, seemingly to contrast how different the two are being raised. It sounds like we shouldn’t be surprised if we see some familiar droids during these scenes either, but the report doesn’t officially drop the big two.

The report does say that Luke will mostly remain in the background in this series, because it’s not time for him to go on adventures quite yet, so he won’t be seeing much action, or Obi in action for that matter. Leia on the other hand will be shown being more in the galactic mix as reported above.

Owen and Obi-Wan

It’s no secret that Owen Lars isn’t a huge fan of Obi-Wan Kenobi by the time A New Hope rolls around, and it sounds like we will see some of the reasons why. At some point in the series Obi-Wan will signal Owen for a meetup, and at this meeting Owen will express his displeasure with Kenobi and how he thinks he’s making things more dangerous for Luke and not helping. MSW reported that his sources said that Kenobi will ask Owen if he can give Luke some sort of spaceship toy, and it sounds like it could be the T-16 Skyhopper model we see teen Luke playing with in A New Hope.

Of course, Owen will reject this offer and tell Kenobi that Luke doesn’t need toys, he needs protecting. This sends Obi off even more dejected than before, and even though he really wants to connect with Luke, he too realizes that Owen is probably right.

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