It’s a Monday during an active season of The Mandalorian, which means a bunch of new merchandise has been revealed for fans to buy in honor of the show’s awesomeness. This Mando Monday once again adds all sorts of new collectibles to consider, but we will just highlight a few of the standouts.

If you want to check out the full list of new Mando Monday reveals, head on over to the official site.

The Vintage Collection

Yet another new TVC Full Beskar Mando was revealed today. You can grab him from Amazon or Hasbro Pulse at 4PM EST today. I’m not sure why another Full Beskar Mando is being produced, but in case you need one, this is your guy.


A new Funko Pop Ride of sorts was revealed, and it features Mando riding on the back of a Bantha with the Child in tow. It mimics a scene featured in the latest episode of the show. Due to that, I’m surprised that no Cobb Vanth collectibles were revealed to showcase the new character in collectible form.


Fans can now snag Build-A-Bear Mando and a Child in his carrier. The Mando bear and the pram are online exclusives, and can be ordered from the official BAB website.

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