An astute Twitter user was able snap and share an image at the Licensing Expo 2019 that gives a very good look at the re-built helmet that Kylo Ren will be sporting in The Rise of Skywalker.

As you can see on the image to the right, Disney has poster images for all of their properties (Yes, The Simpsons is now a Disney property) and the Star Wars image is a full body Kylo with his new helmet on.

In the image we can see more of the red repair lines hat weren’t visible in the trailer running through the helmet, so the work that was done to remake this visage was very extensive.

It will be interesting to see how much of the repair Kylo helmet we will get in The Rise of Skywalker since a majority of the images and screen time we have seen with Kylo have been with no helmet on at all.

Does he only wear it around his First Order subordinates? Does it get destroyed yet again in The Rise of Skywalker? Only time will tell.

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