LFL continued its Mando Monday reveals today, another Monday during the run of The Mandalorian, and there’s probably a new collectible or Mando themed household good that you may want to pick up. We tend to stick to the toys, with figures being are main focus, so head over to the official Mando Monday site to check out all of today’s new reveals.

In terms of items that are of interest to us, they include two new Vintage Collection figures, and a new Mando-inspired LEGO set. I usually don’t get down with books, but this week both the Visual Guide and the Art of the Mandalorian books will be up for pre-order, so those should have plenty of rad pictures to check out.

The new TVC figures are Greef Karga in his Season 2 Magistrate duds and The Child with his Pram and frog food. The child looks similar to the unlock bonus coming with the HasLab Razor Crest, but I think the Pram is different and based on its Season 2 appearance.

The new LEGO set is a tiny one, but it will get you a full Beskar Mando minifig in addition to a Baby Yoda and Tusken Raider figs. You will also get his speeder bike from S2E1, as well as a Tusken hut.

All of these items will go live for pre-order at 4PM EST. I don’t believe any of them are retailer exclusives, so check your favorite toy retailers out later today to drop your orders.

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