Cinelinx is claiming some exclusive updates on the Obi-Wan Kenobi series for Disney Plus, and if true, they definitely help to paint a clearer picture as to what the show’s main plot will entail.

Now of course these exclusives come from unnamed sources and nothing has been made official by Lucasfilm, but thanks to Sung Kang, who dropped a few details in a recent interview, I do believe the leaky information could pan out.

There is a bit of potential plot spoiling here, so if you want to avoid that stuff, you may want to bail now.

According to Jordan Maison, who apparently has corroborated this news with multiple sources, the Kenobi series will not only feature Young Luke, but it will also involve Young Leia. That’s right, according to Maison, Young Leia is essentially the MacGuffin that ultimately gets Obi-Wan mixed up in another adventure. He even claims that Vivien Lyra Blair has been cast for the role. She has starred in Bird Box and We Can Be Heroes previously.

The next bit of juice that Maison shared is that we will see a few Star Wars Rebels characters pop up in the series, and I’ll go ahead and speculate that those characters will more than likely be Hera, Chopper, and Kanan. I say this because they’ve all been recently featured in Bad Batch, so they’re primed to make the jump to live-action. Sabine and Ezra may be still too young at this point, so they may not make sense for this show, but other characters from the Empire would, such as Agent Kallus and a few of the Inquisitors.

Finally, Sung Kang did a little interview in which he revealed that he’s seen Vader on set already, as well as other Jedi. He’s been officially announced, so we can take his comments as gospel, but thanks to Maison’s sources, we also probably know who he’s playing. According to these sources, Kang will be playing the Fifth Brother, who is one of Vader’s Inquisitors, the dark side beings he used to hunt down Jedi.

Apparently there will be other familiar Inquisitors from Rebels in Kenobi too, as well as flashbacks to the Clone Wars featuring Anakin Skywalker, but we’ve all known that was inevitable thanks to the casting of Hayden.

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