If you have been to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at either of the Disney parks in America, you know that there is a little companion app call Star Wars: Datapad that makes your journey through Batuu a little more fun and informative. The app triggers interactions between characters and gives information about certain areas of the park as you make your way through.

Most of the information and interaction through the app is pretty fun, but one particular interaction caught by a recent Galaxy’s Edge attendee has really set the Star Wars universe ablaze.

During a journey through Galaxy’s Edge, a fan noticed an interaction pop up between a seemingly new character named Krownest and Dok Ondar, the proprietor of the antiquities shop that sells replicas of character lightsabers. Krownest’s character is wearing an eerily familiar Mandalorian helmet and is inquiring about another helmet, a very particular Stormtrooper helmet that has been painted with strange symbols in yellow and orange.

If you are a fan of Star Wars Rebels, the image of Krownest should definitely catch your eye. That is 99.99% Sabine Wren, and since Galaxy’s Edge’s current timeline is between TLJ and TROS, that would mean that Sabine is still on the hunt for Ezra well into the Age of Resistance.

You can see the full thread from r/StarWarsLeaks below.

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