EW has released two new images of Jedi Padawan Jecki Lon, who is played by Dafne Keen, aka, Weapon X-23. The new images offer up two looks at the Half-Theelin, Half-Human character, and one must agree that she looks pretty freaking cool for a Jedi.

The new shots of Jecki were accompanied by an interview with Dafne, and while she didn’t give away any meat, she did offer up some additional insights into how she approached this new Force user.

Who Is Jecki Lon?

Dafne Keen as Jecki Lon in ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’. PHOTO: CHRISTIAN BLACK / LUCASFILM LTD.

Well, I’m very excited that we know her name now, because it was secret for so long. And I’m very happy that I get to say that she’s an alien and that she’s a Padawan and that she’s a Jedi. She’s a mixed species — part Theelin, part human. She’s very cool and I have some very cool fights I do with the lightsaber. I really love her. She’s a great character and was really fun to play. I’m very excited that the trailer came out. I was buzzing for days.  

Dafne Keen – EW

On her relationship with Master Sol:

I’d say she is a very dedicated Padawan. She’s definitely in awe of him in a very kind of sweet way. She thinks the absolute world of him in a way that I think they have a very sweet relationship, but she’s much more aware of the authority difference than, for example, Obi-Wan and Anakin. She’s very much like, “No, he’s the master and I’m the Padawan and he’s perfect. And everything he says, I have to follow to the T.”

Dafne Keen – EW

How the character makeup affected her performance:

Dafne Keen as Jecki Lon in ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’. PHOTO: CHRISTIAN BLACK / LUCASFILM LTD.

100 percent. It completely changed how I moved. It also completely changed the character. When I read the script, I had one idea of what I was going to do, and it completely changed it in a way that I think is much more interesting than what I thought.

I thought she was going to be really methodical and cold and calculated, and then as soon as I was in that makeup, she became much more still methodical and a perfectionist and high achiever, but with much more of an ingenuity and a curiosity and a true love for the craft that is being a Jedi. Which was really interesting because I am someone who moves their eyebrows a lot, and not having eyebrows completely changes the expression on your face. And not having eyebrows gave me a sort of sweeter appearance, which completely changed the character in a way.

Dafne Keen – EW

Dafne discusses how Leslye Headland helped influence Jecki

Leslye is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever worked with. She’s such an interesting director in the sense that she has an innate trust with actors and her crew that it makes you trust her more. She’s so confident in the people she’s hiring and she has such a broad understanding of Star Wars and of cinema in general that I truly feel like I would follow that woman to the trenches.

We had a lot of conversations about Jecki, but ultimately she was very good at being like, “This is what I know for a fact, and then I’m going to give you space to think about what you want for your character.” I’d always run everything past her because she has such a brilliant mind, and we spoke a lot. I was very stunt focused, so I spoke to her a lot about how she wanted the character to get reflected within her fight styles.

A lot of Jecki was created through her relationships with the people that surround her, so there was a lot of that of us talking about what her bonds with the other Jedi are. And I was completely sold from minute one with Leslye. We hopped on a Zoom call and she told me that it was a mystery, kind of thrillery series where you go finding out more and more about the show as the episodes go on. Her whole take on Star Wars felt like if a true fan was writing a Star Wars show, which felt really exciting, and also just a very fresh take. The way that Leslye wrote this mystery-thriller was so fascinating to me.

Dafne Keen – EW

I don’t know about you, but I dig what I’m hearing from Dafne about Jecki Lon and about The Acolyte’s production. It really sounds like Leslye has cooked up something awesome and new, so June 4 can’t come soon enough.

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