It looks like we will never be able to go 1 re-release of Star Wars without getting a new edit to the now infamous scene in A New Hope where Greedo gets blasted by Han Solo in the Mos Eisley Cantina.

In the Disney+ version of A New Hope, Greedo yells “MACLUNKEY” before being roasted by Han’s blaster.

No sure what Maclunkey means in the Star Wars Universe, but it has now become Greedo’s ‘Rosebud’. The internet is definitely having fun with this new addition to A New Hope. It looks like it is getting a slightly better reaction than the whole Greedo shot first take on the scene.

Will we find out what Maclunkey mean? Only the Force will tell, but for now, it is another gem that is driving people to Disney+ for more Star Wars content.

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