The Illuminerdi is reporting an exclusive lead on Star Wars: Ahsoka, in particular, the site claims to have learned more details on Ivanna Sakhno’s character.

Sakhno was recently confirmed to be in the show and as an original character, but a few new details have surfaced on who she is playing. According to The Illuminerdi’s sources, Ivanna is playing a character named Astrid, which may still be a placeholder at this time, and the character is described as being striking and ferocious. The description went on to read:

A formidable mercenary who must now decide between two paths. Astrid can either follow the path of her unit or take hold of her own aspiration in service of her own glory.

The Illuminerdi

It sounds like this character will have a crisis of conscience in Ahsoka, so one must wonder if she’s working for the Remnant to hunt Ahsoka, and then she has a change of heart and works with her, or if she bucks her unit to go after Ahsoka herself to claim a new title within the ranks of the nefarious types inhabiting this era of the timeline.

Maybe she isn’t hunting Ahsoka at all and is also searching for Ezra Bridger? Maybe she’s after Sabine? Either way it sounds like she will have a fork in the road moment that will change her trajectory for good at some point in the show.

Only time will tell, because Ahsoka isn’t due out until 2023, so for now we can just speculate the wait away.

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