Last week we posted our exclusive for the Kenobi series in which we shed some light on the rematch that Kathleen Kennedy boasted about between Obi-Wan and Vader, as well as more details on Hayden Christensen’s screen time. This week, MSW apparently has even more information on their rematch, which you can learn more about below if you’re ok with SPOILERS.

MSW posted details on the rematch, and they flesh out what I believe will be the final duel between these two if you consider our exclusive’s take, which explains that Kenobi and Vader will face off more than just once in the series. Think how Maul was used in TPM to slowly build tension to the final battle between Jinn and a younger Kenobi, that’s how the Vader/Kenobi dynamic in Obi-Wan Kenobi will play out.

The MacGuffin Moment

Anyway, according to MSW, it sounds like the series’ MacGuffin, and ultimately the rematches between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader, will all stem from a mission Kenobi is sent on early to save a prisoner who is “important to the cause”. This prisoner is being held by an Inquisitor played by Moses Ingram, and it sounds like Kenobi will be successful, which spurs Darth Vader into action.

This could lead to Kenobi and Vader’s brief first encounter for sure, but the prisoner, could also be a very important character, and possibly young Leia herself, if old rumors about her being involved turn out to be true.

The Final Rematch

Again, based on our own leak, Vader and Kenobi will clash at least more than once, so I’m thinking MSW’s description of their rematch is the final one that will more than likely see Obi-Wan besting his former bestie once again. In fact, MSW described Obi-Wan as being in peak form and definitely still more skilled than Vader at this point in the saga.

Apparently, in the lead up to the final duel, we will see Vader on Mustafar leaving with urgency in what sounds like a version of his TIE Advanced as he heads out to intercept Kenobi, who MSW believes is either on Jedha or Tatooine.

Once they do meet though for this battle, Kenobi will be in his old white robes, which are weathered and worn down by now, while Vader was described as being in a suit similar to what was used for Rogue One. As soon as they face off, Kenobi instantly knows who inhabits the suit, and force pushes Vader upwards of 50ft into a rock wall, at which point the Dark Lord methodically, and mechanically, gets up and lumbers towards Obi-Wan for his own chance at revenge.

Finally, according to MSW, Hayden was not in the suit for this particular fight, and it took 2-weeks to film. This could very well be a part of the “epic shit” that was described to us in our own exclusive from last week.

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