Last week it was reported that an unannounced Star Wars project with a codename of Grammar Rodeo was in the works, and now a new report may flesh out more details for it via casting grids for its main characters.

According to The Illuminerdi, the following characters are being cast for this unannounced project (names may just be placeholders for now):

Wyatt – 11 years old/Male/Any Ethnicity

Wyatt yearns for great adventures, but finds his attention easily diverted. He wishes to be the hero in any situation he finds himself in. Wyatt is described as a series regular.

Ned – 11 Years old/Male/Any Ethnicity

Ned is described as Wyatt’s bashful best friend. Ned is kind with a massive heart, but also tends to be a rules follower. That being said, Ned often finds himself pulled into Wyatt’s adventures. Ned is described as a series regular.

Faye – 12 Years old/Non-Binary or Female/Any Ethnicity

Faye is described as rebellious and extroverted, but at 12 years old they already have a chip on their shoulder. Faye is described as a series regular.

Kylie – 12 Years old/Female/Any Ethnicity

Kylie is Faye’s best friend and is described as serious, intelligent, and keeps her emotions guarded, behind a wall. Kylie is also a series regular.

The Illuminerdi also reported that the series is looking for a male actor in his 30s to 40s for a series lead, so if this show is set during the High Republic and these kids are young Jedis, then this role could be their teacher.

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