Making Star Wars isn’t done with dropping Star Wars: Ahsoka leaks, and this week’s tidbit will surely get fans of Star Wars Rebels even more excited about the Disney+ series.

If you want to go into Ahsoka as fresh as possible, then you should bail now!


According to MSW, the Ahsoka series will see the first ever live-action version of a Loth-Wolf, and to sweeten the deal, Ahsoka will use one as her mount! Yes, Ahsoka will be riding a Loth-wolf in her titular series! It sounds like she will ride the wolf in both action sequences and more casual sequences.


Apparently, the Loth-wolf was created by using a horse for the actor to ride on and it will get styled as a wolf in a similar fashion to the orbaks in TROS, or how elephants were used to create Banthas back in A New Hope. There was talk to create an animatronic like the wolf in Neverending Story, but they opted to go for real horses and costumes for them.

Finally, MSW also reports that the wolf was nicknamed DOOM, but if you remember Rebels and the wolf that appears to Ezra, it was essentially Kanan’s force spirit and would utter the word “Dume”, which more than likely was a reference to Kanan’s real name of Caleb Dume. This could mean in some form or fashion that the spirit of Kanan will be present in this series!

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