Thanks to a Redditor, it’s really starting to look like Naboo will be a featured location in Andor Season 2.

Back in March of this year MSW first reported that Lucasfilm would be shooting at Hever Castle in Kent, England, but he was not sure if the shoot was for Andor or not. Thanks to new Andor Season 2 set pics, it’s now confirmed that the Hever Castle location is indeed being used for Andor’s shoot, which definitely means the show’s cast could make their way to Padme and Sheeve’s old stomping grounds.

Filming was being set up for Andor s2 today at Hever Castle, England
by u/Mostvaluedplayer1029 in StarWars

Where was the Castle Used in The Phantom Menace?

After checking out the images above you may be wondering where those structures showed up in TPM, but you shouldn’t fault yourself for not remembering, because they were prominently featured in a cut scene that saw Jar Jar falling into the waterfall after getting out of the Bongo.

The fountain may stand out, but the background featured in the clip above is definitely the same structure as you can see in the Andor S2 set leaks.

One would think that this is a definite sign that Cassian and company will be headed to the domed building city of Theed, but the show is set in space after all, so there’s a chance it’s just some other location in the Star Wars galaxy.

Although, if you can believe a dude on Reddit, the OP did say that his contact talked to security around the set and they said it was for Naboo. If you trust the Internet, then you have your answer.

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