Leaks come from weird places in the Star Wars Universe, and this may be the first time that we’ve ever seen a ‘leak’ from a hair stylist.

A post on the SW Leaks subreddit shows an Instagram post by Maria Sandoval, the official stylist for The Mandalorian, that described Morgan Elsbeth as ‘one of the last survivors of Dathomir.’ She has since edited the post to remove that part of the text, but someone grabbed a screenshot of it before it was deleted, and you can still see commentary on it in the comments.

The only 2 known groups that inhabited Dathomir were the Nightbrothers and the Nightsisters. We know from the Clone Wars series that the Nightsisters were all but wiped out thanks to General Grievous and Count Dooku, so it is interesting to see that a surviving Nightsister has not only made it off of Dathomir but has also put herself in a position of power in the galaxy. The only other known survivor of the Nightsister purge is Merrin from Jedi Fallen Order.

Given this connection to the Nightsisters, I would not be surprised if Morgan popped back up in the series at some point.

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