Thanks to an exclusive trailer and interview over on Vanity Fair, we now know who Ming-Na Wen will be playing in The Mandalorian, and the character definitely doesn’t come from Filoni’s animated universe like we had speculated earlier this year.

According to the interview, Wen is playing Fennec Shand, who is a stealth assassin that has been employed by the Galaxy’s most ruthless crime syndicates. Apparently Shand’s allegiances are to herself first and foremost, so Wen compared her to Han Solo, albeit a much more sinister version of him considering her character is a murderer for hire, and not a smuggler.

Wen elaborated on what team Shand plays for:

“Thinking that she’s a mercenary, it can go either way, I think it remains to be seen.”

Ming-Na Wen – Variety

So again, I’m guessing she is hired to hunt down the Mando, probably by Werner’s character or Moff Gideon, but something will happen to make them team up, possibly like how he and Cara are going to. That, or Shand will be his main adversary in the field, while Werner and Moff Gideon mess with him at a higher level of galactic shadiness?

You can read the full article over on Variety, which contains more quotes from Wen on her character, and the importance of her being cast in the show as an Asian actor.

The new TV spot featuring Fennec Shand can be viewed below.

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