A clip has been released for this week’s upcoming episode of The Clone Wars, which is titled, “Together Again”, and in it the mighty Maul’s name is mentioned.

As we’ve been expecting since the release of episode descriptions for April’s run of The Clone Wars episodes, Maul gets mentioned in the clip, so Ahsoka does indeed find out that he’s behind the Shadow Collective, and the Pykes spice running operation. This should lead to Ahsoka reaching out to Anakin and Obi-wan and getting the gang together again for the Republic’s siege of Mandalore. That, or maybe Bo-Katan and Ursa will assist, but one thing is for sure, and that’s the fact that before you know it, Ahsoka will have her sabers again and will be trying to root Maul out of Mandalore.

Things are about to start getting pretty deep, so the remaining episodes will surely not disappoint. Check out the clip and a few stills below.

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